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“Adults age 50+ are at greater risk of mild dehydration as the body’s thirst sensation has reduced and continues diminishing with age, putting this population at increased risk” - Dr Rekha Elaswarapu, Natural Hydration Council 2015
“People give a lot of consideration to the influence of alcohol and drugs on driving; but virtually no thought at all to dehydration. A driver’s reactions and response rates can be severely affected if they are not hydrated properly.” - Institute of Advanced Motoring 2015
“As our brains are 73% water, insufficient hydration can have an adverse effect on how our brains function.” - The American College of Nutrition, 2007
‘One insurance broker has negotiated up to 5% discount on fleet insurance through the local office of a national insurance company’
‘Driving Hydration reduces long term fleet insurance costs and vehicle downtime by reducing accidents’

The Problem


Reducing vehicle incidents remains a key priority for transport managers and directors. Not only do accidents impact directly on fleet insurance costs, they also bring hidden costs: missed deliveries, vehicles being off


The Research


Ground-breaking research by the European Hydration Institute, in cooperation with Loughborough University, has discovered that dehydration has a detrimental effect on driving ability. Driver hydration


The Solution


The Driving Hydration packages includes everything you need to both educate transport staff about the importance of hydration and supply them the practical steps to remain hydrated throughout the day:

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The Impact


Introducing Driving Hydration not only helps make the roads safer, but also reduce accident-caused vehicle downtime and reduce long term insurance premiums. With one insurance broker having negotiated

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