The Problem


Reducing vehicle incidents remains a key priority for transport managers and directors. Not only do accidents impact directly on fleet insurance costs, they also bring hidden costs: missed deliveries, vehicles being off the road and staff absenteeism being amongst the worst.

triangle-largeMore than 68% of the quarter of a million vehicle accidents that occurred in the UK in 2014 have ‘driver error’ as the main cause. With only a small proportion being attributable to negligence, more than 100,000 annual accidents have no obvious cause.

There are many steps that transport companies take to try and reduce the rate of accidents:

  • Fit cameras on vehicles
  • Train drivers on the effects of sleep deprivation
  • Have a zero tolerance to alcohol
  • Reward drivers with a low claims frequency
  • Ensure drivers receive both in cabin and out of cabin safety training

But what steps do you take if accident rates remain high after this? Driving hydration has done the research.