The Solution


The Driving Hydration packages includes everything you need to both educate transport staff about the importance of hydration and supply them the practical steps to remain hydrated throughout the day:

  • accesoriesOptimal hydration guide for each member of staff, highlighting not only the benefits of remaining hydrated whilst driving, but also the general health implications. With the average age of HGV drivers being 53, this group is both more susceptible to dehydration and the negative health impact it can have.
  • Permanent workplace awareness campaign, including hydration posters for rest areas, clearly communicating the hydration message.
  • In-toilet hydration posters, enabling drivers to more easily detect if they are dehydrated.
  • In-cabin reminders of the importance of staying hydrated.
  • Each driver is supplied with two 750ml refillable sports bottles, with each bottle offering enough liquid for a normal working day.
  • High capacity, hard wearing and bacteria-transfer free water coolers that provide large volumes of chilled, filtered water.
  • Staff feel-good factor from a caring employer, with significant potential savings for employees who currently purchase bottled water or tea/coffee.
  • Special ‘Insurance pack’ to hand to insurance companies, summarizing the research and its impact on driving, to be used to negotiate lower insurance premiums.